By Pinkhairedlady


Very chilly walk this morning but it was followed by a rather tasty breakfast so it wasn’t too bad!

A bit more work on the scarf and a snack lunch before I headed in to the blood donor centre as I finally got my act together and made an appointment. I’m ashamed to admit my last donation was 8 years ago. On the plus side it was my 39th donation so not too shabby! They’ve done away with the wee cafe so I had juice on my bed before I left and was encouraged to take many biscuits away with me! I really enjoyed my tea cake.

Home to finish the scarf and almost finish the ends, will blip it tomorrow.

Dinner was steak and chips ( we seem to eat that a lot but it’s easy and I needed the iron!).

Blip of my very important sewing needles.

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