By OldTimer


End of busy day no blip. Walk to end of terrace and snap. Lazy I know but some days are like that
I went out in the garden even before I had my breakfast to get started on watering and weeding. Could see my Banksia rose needed severe pruning and my son is so busy. I borrowed a friends hedge cutter and attacked it. Managed fine  so by the end of the day had both my green bin and the neighbours full
Another really frustrating thing was still no telephone or computer. Once more on the cel phone to vodafone  The hopeless contractor had installed the phone in the wrong port. She also talked me through getting my computer going again. Still have to get the TV all reset and get my printer going again.  How do they think an elderly woman with no tech brain can do all that. They are going to complain to Chorus and tell them to better train their technician's and give me a month free How I wish I had never set eyes on any of them.
No wonder I didn't get any photos taken

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