There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Selfie Selfie Selfie Selfie: Me to Infinity!

“He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.”
~ Lao Tzu.

My photographic adventures on this day included a walk to the Barrens ponds, where I found even more of the amazing ice. I've put a picture in the extras of a selfie I took there: my own dark reflection on ice, where I look like one of the invading Hun warriors from the film Mulan, striding forward to take over the world. Do you see my straw hat, my sword, and my dark cape? I can't decide if that pulsing circle is my shield, or my beating heart.

In separate news, I came home and was messing around in the bathroom mirror with my camera, when I ended up with the fun self-portrait above. I shot it on automatic (you can read AUTO backwards on the shot above, as well as my exposure time and f-stop, on the extended camera screen) and then put a silvertone filter on it. The color version felt too intimate; the silvertone one, more like art. This is me: GirlWithACamera.

So there are two selfies for me to try on for this day: first, me to infinity with a rock-steady gaze, and second, me as invading Hun warrior. Who am I, really? Both all of that, and none of it! My soundtrack songs are Genesis, with Follow You Follow Me for the above shot, and Patti Smith, with People Have the Power for the shot in the extras. 

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