By TrishaR

The Roofers

I am always amazed a roofers or folks that nonchalantly wander and work on roofs as if it’s the street! This is the street behind us both houses getting their roof replaced. Imagine working in these low, low temps but at least it’s dry. They seem to like rap music as I hear them playing that when I happen to be out. Ben would approve :)

Heavy, heavy snow up north again. I think it came as far down as Pitlochry but we seem to have avoided it so far. All the thanks to the gritter drivers doing their best to keep the A9 clear. What a great job they do.

We walked into town as had to get a birthday card. Stopped off for soup in Hinterland which was celeriac! Never, ever tasted it but was assured by the waitress that it was great so had it. Really enjoyed it and hopeful the stomach was happy with it too.

We are ripping through the American traitors and enjoying it. I prefer Alan Cumming to Claudia. She was good but he’s better :)

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