Getting the sparkle back

By DomesticGoddess

Blue doves

At least that's what I think they are. This plate belongs to JP who I was visiting in the Borders and I took a fancy to it. It's made by Helen Kemp who is a Borders ceramicist but she doesn't seem to sell online and she mostly does one-off pieces, so I will have to content myself with a photo and a blip.

We had a lovely day with lunch at Old Melrose and a short walk along the Tweed, then back to J's for tea and cake. There was some sunshine on the walk which was an unexpected bonus. I wore my Yaktrax on the walk as there was some ice about and felt happier doing that, particularly as I didn't fall over. J didn't have Yaktrax and she didn't fall over either, but I tend to fall over more than she does.

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