Welcome to Absurdistan!

By MildlyOffensive


Two of the very few high-rise buildings in Munich.

Again a very relaxed day in the office - I'm afraid it won't stay that way, though. But I enjoy it as long as it lasts. As it was a clear, sunny and fairly warm day I left the office early. No need to just sit around when there is no work right now - I can work overtime when shit hits the fan again (and it does so regularly).

Today I blipped the Highlight Towers again. I already photographed them once at night-time from a bridge further away. This time I was standing right between the two towers. The taller left one is 126 metres high, the a little smaller right one is 113 metres high. The hights don't seem much in a global perspective, but in Munich both are in the Top 10. They were completed in 2004.

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