This is the day

By wrencottage

Ancient & Modern

A day of contrasts, which started with the ancient, comforting words of the Book of Common Prayer at morning service, as we joined in with the live stream from our church. Most of our church services follow a modern format, but once a month we have a BCP service and it’s always my favourite. The words are deeply etched in my memory from childhood and, indeed, the words of the two Collects for Peace and for Grace were said every morning at my primary school by the Headmaster in assembly. I still love them, and often pray them to myself. 

And the modern? Well, that’s my Apple kit, which I am happy to say is all back to normal again, with the glitch having been solved last night a lot quicker than I anticipated. After deleting about twenty or thirty Safari tabs by hand, I tried once more to delete all the rogue tabs in one go and this time it worked, and Safari didn’t crash. I then repeated the procedure on the other devices, switched on iCloud once more and I was back in business. What a relief.

I took this shot of the hellebores in my front garden when we went for a short walk this afternoon.

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