Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

Sunset Ceremony

Tomorrow is Australia Day, a day in which Australians celebrate what it is to be Australian.  Or maybe it just a day off to enjoy a barbie, the beach and a few beers.  Many of our First Nation people find the day to celebrate being Australian on the day the first fleet sailed into Sydney harbour (just to the left of the opera house here) in very poor taste.  There is a call to change the date.  I have said this before and will no doubt say it again but it would be better if we can have a date in which everyone can celebrate being Australian.

Tonight there was a sunset ceremony at Mrs Macquaries chair.  It was broadcast on SBS and the panel and musical acts were taking place just behind me.  Some of the live music was fabulous.  So this is my celebration shot - with our First Nation people.

I am hosting WW this week but will be heading back to Newy late tomorrow so hope to have my results up in my blip on Friday and at worst it will be Saturday.  I haven't been home for nearly three weeks and given we have had some more rain, I am wondering whether I will need a machete to get in the front door.  Looking forward to seeing the wide entries.

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