By Mrsmacdub

A storm approaches

I managed to while away the morning quite successfully doing not very much at all - lovely!  Meanwhile, MrMacD was baking sourdough loaves and also some baguettes.  I did manage to cook the rhubarb that I was given on Tuesday night.  We had fresh bread for lunch - me with avocado, tomato, salt and pepper.  Yum!!  Around mid-afternoon we went out for a walk.  The clouds were starting to come over and the wind was revving up again.  When we got back we did a big clean up, then showered and changed ready to be picked up by friends to go to dinner at Scalini’s in St Heliers.  We haven’t seen them for months, so it was good to catch up.

There is a heavy rain warning and a strong wind watch for Auckland for tomorrow, so we may not be venturing out for a walk.

The main blip is a wonderful mural at the back of a carport that we walked past today.  Usually there’s a car parked in front of it, which is why we haven’t noticed it before.  The extra is a series of photos of a kite foiler as he walked into the water and finally got up on the foil - the images run clockwise from top left.

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