Everyday Life

By Julez

Creating Ripples

Today I have not done much! I forgot about cleaning upstairs until now. It's too late and I'm at work again tonight so I will tack it onto next weeks' jobs, which are mostly going to involve tidying, seeing what clutter can go to the charity shops and just having a general refresh. 

Much time got wasted trying to do my face. Recently my make up has not been going on properly (skin products like foundation, concealer, etc.) I thought it was because I'd tried a different moisturiser and they clashed. So I went and bought my regular moisturiser, made by the same company as the foundation. They worked perfectly together before! Not any more! The problem is not solved, and today I tried a few combinations. Nothing worked. 

So I gave up and will tonight go to work bare faced! I like make up. I liked being creative with it in my youth and wished I still could. But I hate the idea of it being compulsory for women. A female acquaintance in furniture retail management told me that she would not consider employing female job applicants who turned up bare faced for interviews, no matter how impressive their CV, as it seemed sloppy and lazy to her. But blokes are not held up to the same standards are they? Neither would get a look in if they turned up in track suit and scruffy trainers, so why the extra hoop for women to jump through?

I went down near the river to look for a Blip today. Not much to see - it is as dull and grey as yesterday was. There were some long tailed tits in the trees, but they kept their distance and flittered so quickly between branches that there was slim hope of being able to catch a shot of any of them. The best thing I got was this one of a juvie Black Headed Gull. It had just landed on the river, creating the ripples, and was having a drink.

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