By Pinkhairedlady

Trip to Fife

Felt a lot better when I woke up and managed to take Phin round the block. Caught up on the TinyTuesday entries but didn’t reach any final decisions.

Sorted out some washing and did a bit more embroidery before heading out mid afternoon to pick up Miss PHL. We were heading across to Kirkcaldy to see the Hackles play at the Kirkcaldy folk club. I really enjoyed seeing them
last Sunday and had jumped at the chance of seeing them again.

Stress free drive in rush hour traffic due to my great Satnav taking us a convoluted route out if the city centre. We had dinner in a nice wee restaurant and then headed to the Polish ex-servicemen’s club which was hosting the folk club. It’s obviously a popular club and almost everyone seemed to know everyone else but they were very welcoming. The band played beautifully and we really enjoyed the first act. There was an interval followed by an entertaining raffle but we snuck out before they started playing again as it was almost 9.30 by then and Miss PHL was flagging.

Home by 11.15 after dropping Miss PHL at her flat.

Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting AbstractThursday.

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