The Lozarithm Lens

By lozarithm

Bowerhill (Sunday 29th January 2023)

A lot going on this week, all bad. I went to de-stress at the canal, here at Bowerhill and then at Spout Lane (in Extras).

Sunday 29.1.2023 (1839 hr)

Blip #3801 (#3551 + 250 archived blips taken 27.8.1960-18.3.2010)
Consecutive Blip #000
Blips/Extras In 2023 #011/265 + #003/100 Extras
Day #4690 (1148 gaps from 26.3.2010)
LOTD #2942 (#2782 + 160 in archived blips)

Taken with Pentax K-50 (Yellow) and Pentax HD P-DA 55-300 mm F4-5.8 ED WR lens and HD Pentax-DA AF Rear Converter 1.4x AW

Bowerhill series
Canals series
Kennet and Avon Canal series
Landscape series

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
The Temptations - Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me) (recorded 3-4 December 1970, Hitsville Studio, Detroit MI)
Temptations: Eddie Kendricks (ld ten vcl), Paul Williams (ld bar vcl), Dennis Edwards (ten vcl), Melvin Franklin (bass vcl), Otis Williams (ten vcl)
R.I.P. Barrett Strong (5 February 1941, West Point MS - 29 January 2023,
Detroit MI)
Although best known for his work as a composer, notably with producer Norman Whitfield, as in this LOTD, Barrett Strong began his career at Motown as a singer and pianist and gave them their first hit with the song Money (That's What I Want). He is likely to have played piano on his compositions for the Temptations, Gladys Knight and the Pips, Marvin Gaye, the Velvelettes and many others.

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