By flavia13


A great Qigong (Tai Chi) session this morning, very much needed and enjoyed.  Gladders and C are settling in nicely.  Thank heavens for zoom as we can carry on as before - yeah.

I have had such a lovely response to my EDPS project of photographing churches and pub that it has really given me the boost that I need to go out exploring.  Thank you everyone, you are amazing.

I've been looking at historic churches and villages in Cumbria and Lancashire with the idea of going out tomorrow (weather permitting).  So I've found 3 or 4 that would be worth investigating that have lovely historical facts, have a tea rooms and/or pub nearby and all within 1 to 1.5 hours drive.  The trouble is the ones I really wanted to visit the tea rooms/pubs are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays aaaarrrgghhhh!!!  Will look again, or maybe go out later in the week - the problem with that is the teachers are going on strike so there will be more people about and could end up being too busy for me.   Still we shall see.  

With my project in mind I have put together a small collage with some historical facts about a church very close to my heart - it is the location o f much of my childhood.  I just used to play around this church - up on headlands, very remote - health & safety would have a fit these days.  It is also the sister church to the "new" one (built in 1865) that I used to attend for Sunday School.  Both called Eglwys Llanbadrig (St Patrick's Church).  The one in the collage is extremely old and has a plaque in it dedicated to my old vicar, the very lovely Reverend Pugh.  The photos are ones I took last October.

That is all from me for today - I thought I'd share a bunch of lovely golden daffodils with you.  

Do take care and stay safe and I will see you all tomorrow.

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