Another Day

By BlackTulip

High up

Picked up a camera backpack I'd ordered for JJ, whilst he went to the bank to cash in a lot of copper and £2 coins.  We used to save them until they had reached a certain amount and then put the money into Bear bonds for the grandsons, but we don't handle as much cash these days.  Foreign money got rid of too.

We were still feeling full after yesterday's extravaganza with friends, so just had tea and definitely no pain au chocolate.

This afternoon JJ has been working in the orchard cutting back a couple more trees.  Only another fifteen or so to go.  Good luck with that.

I walked down to the postbox to send a couple of cards and then checked the sweet chestnut trees we'd planted in the autumn.  Unfortunately two have died (bark scraped and not a sign of green) so they will have to be replaced.

The moon is my contribution to today's challenge.  Well it's pretty high up.  I always think it looks like a slightly bruised melon.

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