Life is a Challenge!

By Honeycombebeach


We had a very busy day at the Community Fridge today and never stopped, both in the kitchen and in the hall, which is our Church’s warm space for people who want to come in and just sit or have a good cup of coffee and a cake.  We were two people down today and that makes such a difference.

I must admit that when I got home I felt so tired and just wanted to go out into the garden and take some deep breaths.  Mr. HCB had gone to get some new batteries for his hearing aids, so I took the opportunity to go out and look up “high”, which is the theme for Mono Monday.  At the top of one of the hawthorn bushes/trees, there was a little blue tit singing its heart out and it did me good to hear it.  

Now I just want to collapse into a chair and have a “wee nap” as our friends north of the border might say, which reminds me that my brain was very tired too this morning, trying to explain to some Libyan friends, who come into our English lessons on a Thursday the significance of Burns Night, at their instigation, I might add.  This conversation culminated in me also trying to explain about clans, tartans and kilts - not easy when it is completely foreign (excuse the pun) to the people to whom you are chatting.  Thank goodness for Mr. Google so that I could show them some tartans and kilts, but they still found it funny that a man would wear a “skirt”!

“Any self respecting Scot knows 
     that a good tartan 
          is the solution to everything: 
it tells you where you are, 
     where you belong, 
          who your friends and family are.”
Trisha Telep : The Mammoth Book of Scottish Romance

P.S.  I should say the sky wasn't a mucky grey, but a beautiful blue!

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