Moroccan Lamp

This is one of the treasures I brought back with me from Morocco. An intricate filigree pierced metal lamp that creates beautiful light effects on my wall and is something that is seen throughout Morocco. Every place we stayed, every place we ate and everywhere they sold things Moroccan lamps of all kinds were proudly displayed. I am drawn to them because of the art and because of the way the light filters through them. I had to bring one home!
Making the purchase was a story in itself. The bargaining was intense. We decided to try and bring it with us rather than ship it to cut down on the cost. Despite the fact that it is metal, it's rather delicate and I felt like I was trying to transport an uncooked egg with me back to the United States. Meanwhile it wasn't until I was on the way home that it dawned on me the electrical current would not be the same as we have at home.
That was remedied by the purchase of an adapter from Amazon. So it wasn't until today that I had it unpacked, plugged in and turned on. I love it! I wish I could have a different one in every room of the house!

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