By Mrsmacdub

Blue sky and sunshine

It rained heavily overnight and continued until late morning.  Our view was non-existent once more.  However, by 11:30am the rain had stopped and there were signs that it might be a sunny afternoon.  We decided to drive to Parnell and finish that batch of quarterly brochures.  It turned into a beautiful day with blue sky, little white clouds and lots of sunshine.  It was hot … and humid.  I think it might even have been hot enough to start the drying out process for all the flooded houses.  I certainly hope so.  We stopped for a late lunch at 3pm at La La Café and lingered until 4pm, then carried on with the deliveries until 6pm, by which time we had finished.  Woo hoo!  

I wore my Allbirds shoes today and they were much better for my feet and legs.  I’m tired, but not nearly as tired as I was yesterday, thank goodness, but today I’ve only walked 8.25 kms.

The blip shows some of the things I saw on my walk around Parnell today - clockwise from top left an urn in a garden; the view this afternoon when we arrived home; a rather interesting chair on a verandah; a gate; and a screen over a window at the same house as the gate.

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