By Amanda_T

Good morning!

I just love the mornings when I go in and Mr T waves excitedly to see me. I find it so hard when some people think he doesn't understand. Sure, he has times of being in a muddle, and trying to decipher the world around him and what his brain thinks his eyes see. But he knows much more than those people give him credit for. He loves his visits with Dave the Book, and they are almost finished The Piranha Club so as an F1 break they have Lessons in Chemistry next!

Mr T also asked me to add a "daylight" extra that I took (he doesn't have extras) and also I'm adding the aftermath of his fight with the duvet monster last night. If you look closely you can see his knees almost as far up as the pillow. Apparently research has discovered the basal ganglia (which is where his stroke impacts him, as well as the sight loss and Lewy body dementia) can be re-routed during sleep, and motor movements that are impossible while awake can happen during sleep! I never could understand how he could jack knife himself in the bed and then not be able to move to help me get him straightened out. I enabled sleep tracking on his watch and in 5 days he hasn't had a minute of REM or deep sleep, and 14 hours in bed and only 4 hours of sleep as he is so restless. Part of the changes I have made is a 24" TV hidden in a wardrobe in my room so I can move to his room or stay upstairs as sometimes he is ready for bed so early. Maybe selfish but I have also set up a cosy corner for his riser recliner chair so I can go there in the evening while he settles down. But also if emergency replacement care was needed there's bedding there and he can be looked after while they have somewhere comfortable. I have placed his old cameras and keep sakes on the shelves on the lamp and the picture I took of him and his Dad over his bed. That was the last time we saw him fit and well. I will never forget the look of love and pride on his face when they hugged each other goodbye. I remember insisting that he needed to spend some time with his Dad. I will always be glad they had that time together as I could see how much it meant to his Dad. Even now 18 years later we still phone his step Mum once a week. She's an amazing lady!

Another vanishing "quiet" day! I promise to do my best to catch up tomorrow! On both our Blip comments and replies! Having seen Mr T's sleep I'm not surprised he is so tired, and I have to pace the replies!

Dad rang a few times today when I/we were busy. This evening he said he was impressed Mr T recognising the ring tone assigned to him. I said I wasn't he's heard it a lot, followed by a 'did you ring me?!' Which is very annoying when I'm right in the middle of something!

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