A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Arty Pond

A little bit lighter again when we met up for our early St Ives walk. A pleasant dry morning and although the sun rise wasn’t spectacular it did gradually brighten the walk as we went along.

When we reached Coppice Pond it was reflecting nicely in the water. I gave one of the shots a bit of a tweak to make it a bit more abstract and arty. As we may not be able to access the pond in this way, when they start the tree felling in a couple of weeks time, it seemed appropriate to feature it in my blip today.
I fed the swans and ducks when we reached the pond at the other end and hopefully we will continue to have some access when the spring youngsters start arriving in a month or two.

It turned a bit breezy later in the morning but I got two lots if washing out to blow in it in the sunshine.

Grace had a good birthday despite having to work. Thank you for all your good wishes. I can now show you the Starfish. It’s about 9 inches across and she was very pleased with it (as was Eda.) John had a T shirt made for her with a heart drawing by Eda on it. Very special.

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