By Hillyblips

Cold Turkey

I bet when you last saw a turkey it was over Christmas but not looking as chipper as he or his nine companions this afternoon.

Driving up a country lane in the Cotswolds and coming to an incline with a setting sun behind I could see silhouetted a large bird and thought that it looked rather large for a pheasant. Creeping up slowly in the car it became obvious they were turkeys and a few of them at that. Not something you expect to see here roaming through the woods. Escapees I would imagine and good for them!

Again I had to Google the collective which is a 'rafter'  thought to originate as they roost in trees at night though gaggle can also be used because of the noise they make. Personally I don't think they gaggle at all so am going with rafter. 

They have the most gorgeous feathers which caught the light of the sun but dealing with car and stealth, dropping the window, getting the camera sorted etc I missed out on.

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