While on my runs

By waipushrink

The big old Kauri

On 02 January this year I blipped a photo of this Kauri from the other side, and concentrating on the lower trunk. Today's photo is an attempt to show how well the Kauri has survived the cyclone.

The Kanuka which have obscured the view from my study window have lost many branches and leaves to the extent that the massive trunk of the Kauri is almost as exposed on this side as it is on the other, where there is no other tree between the neighbour's drive and the tree.

I claim no expertise in trees, and no more in climate. However, it seems to me that the wind gusts were shrugged off by the Kauri and its massive size protected the vulnerable trees closer to our house. In the rare (for this summer) sunlight of this afternoon it looks set for another four or five hundred years

The thumbnail shows the branching at the top of the straight trunk

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