An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Oh crumbs!


I failed miserably to take any photos today apart from this snap of the toffee apple crumble (not pretty but tastes good!  :-))  I was having too lovely a time to think about photos, which is a good thing :D

Great to see LeeAnne and Gail and exchange our gifts.  What a lucky girl I am!  I received wonderfully thoughtful gifts, including one that has had me chuckling since!.  Pic in extras!  

It's become my new favourite mug, taking the number one spot from THIS MUG.  

I have adored Harrison Ford since I was 17 and my love only increases as time goes on.  The writing on the mug is a direct quote from me by the way, said in confidence to LeeAnne.  She felt is deserved being saved for posterity.  Aye, you can't beat a bit of Scottish venacular when declaring one's love! Hahahahahahahaha!  

What a lovely evening catching up.  Lots of laughter.  Gail bailed first at almost 1am.  LeeAnne and I lasted till 2am.  Good times :-))

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