There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

U Can't Touch This!

This was a day that turned out warmer than expected, and my husband and I sat in the front yard to soak up the sun. I was giving myself a Mardi Gras pedicure, adding the latest shade of purple polish to my toes. (Wicked Berry, courtesy of Maybelline, via Big Lots: $1.27 a bottle, thank you very much.) My husband was reading his book.

I heard footsteps in the leaves behind us, and I turned to discover LGK, Little Gray Kitty (given name: Stryker), who belongs to one of our neighbors, walking up behind us. Apparently, to LGK, our yard is a big vacation destination. It boasts a bit of hospitality no other yard can offer a cat: my husband's lap!

LGK was in a silly mood, and my husband played along. This is a photo of their play session, with my husband's hand pointing to No Man's Land. Which is to say, that fuzzy white belly that is so tempting to touch. But I'd advise against it.

My, my, my, my, music hits me, so hard, makes me say, Oh My Lord! My soundtrack song is this one: M.C. Hammer, with U Can't Touch This. (And yes, I still own at least one pair of parachute pants from that era.)

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