Think a female Stonechat might have met it's maker. Very sad.
Hubby had breathing problems in the night, which I was'nt aware if until he told me this morning in his grumpy manner. I suggested a conversation with the doctor, or visit to Respiratory nurse who I believe does a surgery on a Tuesday. No! Well, I've had enough, so I called into the surgery this morning on my way down to Mum. I got a bit tearful talking to the receptionist, so left the surgery after giving my mobile number. I was surprised to receive a call from a doctor at the surgery while out with Indie. I explained my concerns for hubby's health, both physical, & mental. Could I get him to the practice? Yes! I tried calling him but no reply. He was'nt happy when I told him he had an appointment, so I was dreading the reaction when I collected him. He was in a far better frame of mind.. Thank goodness for that. Now to sort his health issues out.

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