Everyday Life

By Julez


Over to my Dad's today. He's OK other than being tired after not sleeping too well last night. Hopefully he will have a better night tonight! 

These are the biscuits I baked yesterday. They are deliciously gingery so I thought I should get them Blipped before they are all eaten! 

Today my Dad gave me a pack of the Rington biscuits they are based on too! Good job they have a massively long off-date! I wonder what is in them that means I could put them in a cupboard and forget about them for a year and they would still be OK... Not that that is very likely - if ginger biscuits are in the house they call my name relentlessly!

Can I just say how hard it is to be typing two different things on different keyboards? I'm having a Messenger conversation with Jeri and writing this! I keep typing in the wrong place and having to delete!

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