Everyday Life

By Julez

Monster Machine!

This morning the road workers removed the surface of the road outside our house.  I saw several trucks and the big monster arrive as I had my breakfast. When they got as far as the area outside our house I decided to be brave and go out and take some shots! There is an extra showing the machine on its trailer, which gives more idea of the size of the thing. Our house shook every time it went past - both on the trailer and working!

When Zeph came home from work, the first thing he said to me was "Good news! I'm moving out - on Friday!" It is good news - no-one should really be living with their Mum at his age! It is harder for people to be able to  be able to afford their own place these days, and it will be rental rather than his own but it's a start! But as good as it is it will feel very strange - I will miss him, though other than meals he does not really hang out with us that much.

I baked ginger biscuits today! I took a leaf out of Panda's book and looked at the ingredients on the packet of my favourite ginger biscuits, then, unlike Panda who I'm sure has the nous to make her own recipe I looked for one with more or less the same ingredients. And I have to say they are a success! They taste like my favourite ones anyway though they do not have the wonderful cinder toffee texture! Maybe I will Blip biscuits tomorrow!

I finally managed to send off my DNA kit today. I hope it is not too late. If it doesn't work I will find a UK based one and try again! I had tried to send it with Evri, but they needed an email, and the company does not seem to have one available.

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