By ArachneToo


I got a couple of photos from the site manager today showing newly-laid floors in the two upstairs bedrooms which four months ago were no more than thin air and a lot of faith in steel. They will now be covered in protective material while the rest of the work progresses so I won't get to see them for myself until after the windows are installed.

The walls are as painted by Nephew, Daughter, Neighbour and me two weeks ago (backblip in due course) but doubtless touched up by my perfectionist site manager.

The site manager told me that this room will now be their workshop for a week or so and he was amused when I told him that the room that used to occupy the same space before it was demolished was my workshop, housing all my tools, my workbench and my wood.

The phone picture has distorted the room - it's actually wider and shorter than it looks.

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