curns' corner

By curns

Christmas table

I wonder what to write for Christmas.  PY and I came downstairs to find that Santa had been for the children and has eaten a mince pie. I assume Rudolph had eaten the bit of the carrot that was not left on the plate. The were a lot of presents but the hits seemed to be roller skates for Amber and a skateboard for Oliver.  We spent the reminder of the morning sharing gifts.  The presents we had ordered for Jez and Miriam are still stuck in the mail somewhere but we shared out some other little things. Dad seemed every happy with his Goodison Park sign and mum with her Lancashire items (hot pot gloves and candle).  I got some lovely books, chocolates and a record with memories of the pirate radio ships. We played Christmas music and drank sherry.

Just after 2pm we started preparing the starer. We were doing Spinach and Cheddar bites with a creamed horseradish which would be served with smoke salmon and a dill sauce with toasted, freshly baked, sourdough.  It all came together and I really liked it.  We watched the first King’s Speech which was filled with memories of the The Queen. It must have been quite hard to put together and there would be an enormous expectation.

Christmas dinner was turkey and all the trimmings. As always, there was a mountain of food. So much that we all agreed that desert should come later. And, we were so full, that we did not get around to desert until about 8pm.

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