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Miriam wanted a walk up The Wrekin this morning.  I was going to go but realised that I only had one pair of shoes and, if it ended up being like our walk last year, it could be very muddy.  So I decided against it but went with Mum, Dad and PY for a walk to the weir. The walk along the river was very pleasant but the cafe at the weir was closed so the decision was made to they an alternative on Wyle Cop but that also turned out to be closed. We ended up getting a coffee in Cote on The Square which which was a nice way to end the walk. Dad and PY went to pick up the car and, a little later, Mum and I met them them near The Abbey for a ride home.

We had a Boxing Day buffet lunch which had lots of yesterday’s leftovers plus a quiche (or two) and the baked camembert that PY and I brought but decided not to use for yesterday’s starter. As always there was too much food!

Just after 5pm we all got into cars and drove to Theatre Severn. We had tickets to this year’s pantomime, Beauty and the Beast.  There was a lot of discussion to determine if either PY or I had ever been to this theatre before: it certainly wasn’t there when I used to live in Shrewsbury. I remember the site being a car park that would regularly flood and some old workshop style buildings. Once inside we determined that we hadn’t been there but I do think it’s much nicer than the car park.

Shrewsbury’s legendary Dame Brad Fitt and Britain’s Got Talent’s Tommy J Rollason were the comedy stars - and very good. Samantha Dorrance was excellent as Belle and Jo Osmond (My name’s Nuff and I’m a fairy) and Kane Oliver Parry (who was in Matilda in the West End) were great supporting. The whole thing was very well done and I laughed a lot at the overall silliness.  When watching a pantomime I think it’s best just to go with the overall ridiculousness of it and shout along with the kids.  

Dad sat next to Amber and reported that she was shouting a long at all the right points and, apparently, said that she never wants to be onstage. A fantastic end to Boxing Dad (oh no it wasn’t, oh yes it was).

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