By dunkyc


I cleared my emails and even went back over some other work too as I realised it could have been done better.

By lunchtime I was up to date and retroactively ahead, but I needn’t have rushed as the after was absolutely dead! Not a single email or phone call!

Just as well as it meant that I had the time to pop up and see a house that my parents had taken a shine to. A charming converted bungalow which had a lovely feel to it and I could have seen them living in it, but they ultimately decided that it wasn’t for them. Onto the next one.

The Eldest is back with me for a few days and with it being an A-Level year, the pressure of what is to come is weighing heavily on her, but she’s getting some support from the school (and of course has it from her mum and I) and knows that she just needs to knuckle down and get on with it.

I’ve documented my own battles with mental health on here as I do think it is important to talk about what’s going on in your head and take a break when it is all getting too much, equally as important is that sometimes you do just have to get on with life. No one but you can make you feel better and whilst others may support you in your struggles, no one should be expected to carry you.

I think I will be walking the difficult tightrope of providing tough, yet supportive love for the remainder of this school year! Kids, eh?

Eventually, I did get to fall asleep in front of the football, waking at just the wrong time as my beloved Irons capitulated at the hands of a text book last minute resurgence from United. Football, eh?

EDIT: Just seen that today is Joe Tree day and so I hope my house plant counts? Also thanks to him for this brilliant site which has helped me through so much and introduced me to some truly wonderful people.

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