By hazelh

Smiths in situ in shed

Mr hazelh and I put up my Smiths poster in the shed this morning. It was a tricky task, rather like trying to wallpaper a ceiling. Here you can see the difference it makes (tee hee).

Yesterday I hesitated over an item in the Stockbridge Bethany shop window, eventually deciding not to go for it. This morning I couldn't help thinking about my non-purchase. In the end I could bear it no more and returned to the shop to spend £15 on a new Rolodex bundled with a couple of sets of refill cards. This little haul would currently cost around £70 on Amazon.

Also today I helped Mr hazelh with the Thursday supermarket shop, started reviewing a grant proposal for Gemma and David B, hosted a visit from a decorator who has come to quote for the work in our guest wing, went for a run, and won a game of Azul with a personal best.

Exercise today: 40 minutes on the exercise bike; 7k run; walking (16,749 steps including run.)

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