By Wildwood

Tweedledum and Tweedledee*

It has been a day of very mixed weather. The only thing that hasn't changed every half hour has been the temperature, which hasn't risen above 46f/8c all day.

We decided last night that if we could manage to get a good window in the weather we would do the Spike walk this morning. Although it rained very hard during the night, it looked promising as we were sitting around drinking coffee this morning, so we hustled into our warm clothes. By the time the four of us got into the car with Spike it was looking very dark as the clouds closed in, so we decided to go to Trail House first. Alas, Trail House was closed so we wound up at the former Acre (now Avid) coffee. I used to go there all the time, but it was getting so crowded that John couldn't hear, so neither John nor I have been there in years. 

There was a line to the door, but it moved quickly and since we'd already had coffee at home we didn't really mind waiting a few minutes for more. It poured with rain while we had our coffee, and the windows we had left rolled down a bit for Spike had allowed a considerable amount of rain into the car.

By the time we were on our way back home, the skies had cleared, the dark clouds were replaced by puffy white ones in a blue sky. Our timing was perfect as we made the circuit on very soggy ground but under sunny skies. It didn't seem that cold, but I realized when we got home that I was wearing a thick sweatshirt under a heavy coat and had felt no need to take any of it off. 

Matt and Claire are cooking dinner tonight, so they went off to the store to get a few things. By the time they got back it was pouring rain again, and the weather has continued to change from clear skies and sunshine  to chilling rain and even hail and back all day. No wonder our daffodils aren't blooming...

*Claire told Matt and John that if they wore their matching jackets she wouldn't go out with them because they looked like Tweedledum and Tweedledee. So Tweedledum and Tweedledee are the subject of my blip today.

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