Such a beautiful day, but colder. Little, cold, southeast wind. -4.

My personal assistant girl should have come to the work today helping me in cooking, but she was ill today. So I had to substitute her hands and legs for Mr S's ones. The fish soup with a new, but easy recipe, was done quite fast and very well. Not arguing or any other complications that the doings together may easily spark between mates in the kitchens;)

Then I had to go out to see and feel this beautiful weather. But, could barely stay for a half an hour. The picture is from the Happiness park or The Park of Happiness (which way in English, I don't know) we had the happening of "Laskiainen", Shrove Sunday, a few weeks ago on Feb 19th. This kind of places, located higher or somewhat in the shadows are very snowy, but the driveways more trafficked has melted.

Now the tea, sandwich, bun, television and 'The one and only' are waiting:)
I wish you a nice evening too.

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