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By Sallymair


To my amazemebt, I managed to sleep from 21.00 till 00.45 last night. I then got myself up and put in my taxi at 1.00am. I was at the airport within half an hour and checked in fairly quickly.
my travel all went to plan, even my transfer in Doha of 1 hour 15 minutes. The airport covers such a huge area these days and to my irritation, we were stopped in an area where we had to be bussed to the terminal. That added at least 20minutes to my stress levels lol.
We arrived in Edinburgh slightly early, with no snow in sight. Immigration, after the ridiculously long walk in from gate 16, was completely empty, and although I had to wait ages for my cases, they turned up at last. Son in law picked me up and I was home by 13.20 from a flight due in at 12.30.
I've more or less unpacked and am going to have, in the words of Goodness Gracious Me, an English, and probably the blandest thing on the menu!

My blip is planes! The only things I really saw today.
Thiruvananthapuram airport at 2.00am, Doha Airport at 7.00am and Edinburgh Airport at 12 noon.
That's actually a 17 hour time period, even though it looks much shorter.

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