Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Blizzards and a whiteout

We knew it was going to be a snowy day today, but did not realise that it would snow all day with strong winds and blizzards. After breakfast we decided to wait until 11.30 to reconsider our options. Some people went off for a drive to the next village, but some of us decided to stay at the hotel and rather walk around the small village where we are based. The snow was horizontal and blasting against everything, see the first extra for the view outside my hotel window.

It was not easy taking photos as the snow kept blowing on to the lens, and the visibility was poor. However there was a momentary break in the clouds when I spotted some brightness on a distant mountain and I quickly took the shot which is my blip today. We lasted about an hour in those conditions and then went back to the hotel for coffees. In extras I have also made a collage of some of the houses in the little village.

One person in our group has hired a car as his wife is with him on this trip and they wanted a bit more flexibility. Today he went out and a few hundred metres down the road his car also ended up in a snow filled ditch, similar to what happened to us yesterday. It was pretty much deep in the ditch and so a tow truck was called but they could not get it out and so the driver went back and got his huge tractor, and they managed to pull the car out. No damage done to people or the car but this kind of accident seems to be a common occurrence here!

We have stayed indoors for the rest of the day, it has been too wild to be outside. We have all caught up with editing photos, and I also managed to catch up with Blip, I went back and read entries but did not comment on all of them, only the recent one. 

Tomorrow we think we will go out for a sunrise, the forecast says sunshine tomorrow which seems unbelievable after the weather we have had today of non stop snow and wind. We will be departing after breakfast for the drive back to Tromso, then our last night will be spent in Tromso before flying home again on Monday. I am looking forward to getting home again, and to some warmer weather :)

Our last night here, the food has been excellent at dinner so now my dilemma is do I order reindeer or halibut, both have been unbelievably good!

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