Keith B

By keibr

Bug-Eyed Monster!

No, it's actually Björn trying out his new ski-goggles. They are apparently designed to increase the contrast in what you see, so even on extreme grey days you can still see the contours and angles in the snow.  I write "apparently" because they didn't work for Björn and he still felt disorientated once the cloud came down. Soon after this he gave up and headed down the mountain.

Using my 12-years-old standard goggles I was finding it tricky but still managing and I hate leaving the mountain before I'm really tired so I kept going and was rewarded as the cloud lifted and the situation improved.
Sometimes perseverance is rewarded!
By the time I was really tired and headed down the cloud was once more descending over the ridges, and a bit later it started to rain!
It was time to try the spa at the hotel. The Jacuzzi and sauna were both fairly cool. The small pool was good to swim around in if you were more-or-less alone, but the steam sauna was wonderful and I quickly got very pleasantly hot and sweaty. After a couple of rounds of sauna and shower I was very clean and each muscle felt a little looser - always a good feeling!
This is a backblip, filling in some missing skiing days, now I'm back home.  Another day or two will bering me up-to-date.

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