By PicturePoems

Versatile Artist

Spent the afternoon at my daughter's, where the windy weather had played its usual tricks with young children, such that little Miss B was in a bit of a giggly mood. When she grew tired of drawing in her activity book, we persuaded her that it wouldn't be a good idea to draw on her baby brother. Instead, she decided to personalise his next clean nappy with his portrait. Later, after baking cupcakes with me, she drew her own portrait on one of the cakes with squirty cake-colouring. 

This afternoon, too, her mum had to break it to her that one of their guinea pigs had died. She went quiet and looked deep in thought. Then she commented that Petunia really loved running up and down the ramp - and she didn't want all the pigs to die at the same time. Her response brought a lump to our throats.

Meanwhile, I'm still feeling poorly with my cold, but I have some hearing back in my left ear. Fingers crossed it stays.

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