By madnessfollows

Challenge accepted

This is Thursday. My Mother-in-law’s traditional Mother’s Day plant from the children will be delivered in approximately 48hours (on Saturday). My only task is to keep it alive until then. What are my chances?
(I should probably have led with the fact I have successfully killed a cactus in the past and plants have been known to give up on life after I have simply looked their direction…)

Today I tried a little painting at a group workshop on Women in Art, running for 6 weeks. It was horrendous. I really did not enjoy it, especially since it was a rush job and I didn’t have time to think or plan. I binned it on the way up the street to the car. Gimme my fabric and photos any day. Unless you give me good warning on what I’ll be painting and sufficient time to execute it - then I might just about tolerate the request.

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