I Witness

By KangaZu

Wild Wednesday ...

... wildlife collage.

The weather was finally nice enough for us to get out of a walk today.  And since we changed the clocks forward on Saturday night it was still light enough after supper for us to go then!  YAY!  I actually quite like Daylight Saving time as it stays lighter later in the day!

However ... the only picture that I took during our walk is the one of the bald eagle in the upper left.  The rest were taken in our own backyard.  I love our many wildlife visitors ... this is just a small sampling of the species that visit us here.  We don't see eagles very often so I was very happy to see this one soaring over head as we walked at Housenick.  Richard was the one that spotted him/her first and pointed him/her out to me.  We thought he/she was going to fly out of view at first but then he/she switched directions and flew directly over us!  Lucky me!

For those unfamiliar with my other visitors they are as follows:  Upper right is a common grackle shining bright in the sun; lower right is, of course, a gray squirrel; and lower left is an American robin.  

I believe I've gotten through all the Mono Monday entries and will have my results up on Thursday or Friday.  Thanks for your patience!

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