Tiny Tuesday ...

... forked tongue.

Today has been absolutely gorgeous with lots of sunshine and temps in the high 60's.  It's currently 68° F.  Not bad for the ides of March!

The only time we would have for a walk today was at lunch so we set off towards Housenick Memorial Park after quickly eating.  Of course, we were on the look out for snakes and other wildlife.  Mostly we saw the two-legged variety!  

But as we were leaving we stopped again at the area that we have seen the snake in the past.  I didn't see any but then R spotted this one! YAY! Sorry for all the grass in front of him/her.  

I took nearly 100 photos (while laying prone in the grass) of this lovely garter snake hoping for the tongue out and finally got lucky!  Thanks to JDO (Jill) for hosting Tiny Tuesday all this month.  I hope you're not snake-phobic!

I've only just started looking through all the MM entries.  But I promise to get through them all by Thursday!

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