By ArachneToo

Rubbish 2

I was at the site meeting this morning with my site manager and a senior person from the windows firm who was looking as subdued as I was feeling. It seemed as if he wanted to blame the error of his organisation's bay window survey and manufacture on the rebuild that happened on Wednesday but it also seemed as if he recognised that this was too long a shot and that replacement windows would have to be made. (Unspoken: with the horrendous lead time that I have already endured with the other windows.) I asked how long replacement windows, if that turns out to be the answer, would take to arrive. He said he would ask the manufacturers for a quick turnaround, which seems to imply...

(This windows firm came highly recommended by the architects. I now wish I'd gone with the longer-established firm I visited nearly two years ago.)

We all remained professional through the many points of contention but the site manager did point out the mess the windows installers left behind them including chunks of brickwork they bashed out of my front wall to try to make room for the over-sized window (until he, site manager, told them to stop) and the sharp bits of metal just above the covering protecting the underfloor heating pipes. No-one will know whether the pipes are punctured until the heating is commissioned.

The windows firm manager said he'd get back to me by email with a proposal but that hadn't arrived by the end of today so I guess I now wait until Monday.

I have already arranged a removal firm to move me back into the house on 12 April. I decided this afternoon that I will stick with that date, even if I have to live with boarded up windows for a few weeks. I will be able to sort my things out and start reclaiming the 'garden' (= Rubbish 1) .

I do know that all shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well. I'd just like Julian of Norwich to be a bit more precise about when 'shall' is.

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