By TrishaR


Making meringues from the left over egg whites from the Key Lime Pie from Sunday.  

We had a right ding dong ‘discussion’ with Mum after we dropped off her shopping.  She likes a good discussion /argument/difference of opinion.  Today it was about the free bus travel for 12 - 22 year olds.  Doesn’t think a 12 year old needs free bus travel…..argument for it from us, some feeble come back from her.  Then moved on to the free bus pass for over 60s.  Doesn’t think 60 years olds who still work should get it.  Not sure if these are Tory views or Labour, or rather new Labour not old Labour from her younger days.  It’s certainly not a socialist view!  I must add that she is a kind and caring person but sometimes what comes out of her mouth amazes me and it's what she's read and deemed a 'fact' from this newspaper.  We explained spin etc and she does change her mind of some issues.  I should add that she does not vote Tory!  In fact we fill in her home postal vote.....

It’s all good fun and we have a laugh when she ends up outnumbered.  I just wish she didn’t read the bloody Daily Record, it’s all a spin wind up!

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