Life is a Challenge!

By Honeycombebeach

WHAT A BLESSING... have such a colourful windowsill when my life seems quite grey - and I am not asking for sympathy, but just telling you how it is at the moment. Thank goodness my GP told me it is OK not to feel OK!

Mr. HCB suggested we went out this morning, as he thought I was looking much better and said that it would do me good.  I wasn’t convinced, but he took me to a nearby garden centre where we had a coffee, although it was an effort, and unexpectedly met an old school friend and her friend, a  bonus which we both enjoyed.

I now feel quite weary - this virus has a lot to answer for - but I have decided to start on the Metatone, my “go to tonic” so hope that will pep me up and get of this lackadaisical feeling, which seems to have settled like a cloud around me.  

I am grateful to all those still making comments when I am “rubbish” at doing so at the  moment, but I will get back to it - and I hope very soon.


A person who will take literally any chance to share their opinions on things they truly know nothing about

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