Keith B

By keibr

Snow Plough in action

We drove home from Skellefteå today. It's about a 5 hour drive normally but took a bit longer today because of the falling snow.
The first part of the drive was on smaller roads, especially one section where we were behind a timber lorry (see HarlingDarling's blip), but later we reached the E4, the main north-south road in Sweden.
I had my phone out to take pictures as we crossed a bridge, when I saw this snow plough approaching. It was clearing snow from the middle of the road and pushing it out to the edge, and was followed by a second plough, pushing the pile left by the first plough right off the road. Behind them was a long tailback of vehicles, forced to drive at 50 kmh by the ploughs, but having a snowfree road as a reward.
This is how Scandinavia keep the main roads running through almost any snowfall.

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