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By keibr

Snow Plough (2)

What is it with snow ploughs? For the first time in years, yesterday I got the chance to photograph snow ploughs clearing the main road. Today, as I fetched the post I heard a familiar clanking sound coming up the hill. I grabbed the phone and caught this smaller version in action, clearing the road through our village.
Our neighbour did a similar job up our driveway to the house, while I used more traditional tools to dig down to the cellar, clear snow from different doorways and from our parking spot.
More snow tonight and then a week of cold weather with the temperatures not getting up above freezing once.
It is very beautiful (See HarlingDarlings blip and my extra) but I am getting a wee bit fed up with snow and winter....
I've had a blipburst - filling in my missing blips from the last few days, the 19th, 20th, and 21st.

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