An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Happy Lads...


David's time in Spain seems to have flown.  

Alan was very happy when I told him that his Dad was coming home today, then I had to back pedal and say it would actually be tomorrow before he'd see him as it would be around midnight when he got home.

Sent D the photo of Alan to let him see how happy he was and he sent one in return to show Alan, who thought it was hilarious.  Alan...always guaranteed to give you an ego boost.  Not!  (Reminded me of the time I asked him if I looked better with or without makeup and got a resounding WITH!  I learned never to ask questions to which I might not like the answer! :-))

Had a bit of a tidy up and spent a pleasant hour or two working on my new crochet project.  Keen to show you but won't until it's completely finished so you get the full effect :-)

Had planned to wait up for D getting home but he texted to say his journey from Glasgow Airport was going to take longer than planned as sections of the M8 and M80 motorways were closed and lengthy detours in place.  He finally made it home just after 1am.  I was still awake but as soon as I knew he was home safely I conked out! 

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