By JeanSnaps

The heart of the matter.

Well I certainly didn't complete my "to do" list today. In spite of having sore knees and a not too happy back from yesterday's ivy hacking, I went back for more punishment.  I've become obsessed. Eventually came in exhausted, blood dripping from my fingers where I had encountered a pyracantha buried under the Ivy.  Fingers do like to make a song and dance about bleeding.  Once I washed my hands they stopped and there was nothing to be seen  except a few scratches.  Nothing meriting an elastoplast.  Retired to the sofa reckoning that was the day and it pretty well was.  Printed out my new car insurance document and thought about cleaning a cupboard but it never happened. I should have a rest tomorrow but I bet I'll be out there with the secateurs, the loppers and my trusty Japanese pull saw.  On Sunday Andy is cleaning the car and coming for coffee so that will definitely be a day of rest.

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