A Meandering Life...

By Skeena

All Change

Today marks the halfway stage of our holiday. It was also mainly a travel day. We woke to a lovely red sky (Shepards warning...) and our boat not only turned up but left on time. 

My main Blip is of a window on the ferry. It celebrates New Zealand's only female lighthouse keeper Mary Jane Bernett who took over the job when her husband died in a boating accident in 1855. She managed the job at Pencarrow Head Lighthouse at the same time as raising her 6 children. They are show dotted about the image.

As you can see the window was totally saturated by the rain, the land barely seen in the background is Wellington. The weather has changed!

In extras I have a college of the ferry arriving in Picton, passing its sister ship and passengers at the front of the ferry before entering the Cook Straight. 

My other extra is a AvgCamPro image taken on board. I thought it would look as if the crossing was very rough but in fact it was very smooth if not wet.

After 3 weeks of near perfect weather we have been hit by 100% rain forecasts. Hopefully it won't last too long.  

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