While on my runs

By waipushrink

Cones and seeds

I have had better days off than today. The traffic was still diabolical at 10:00. Before going to Farra, I went to the storage to see how much we can transition through there after we take it away from Fidelis. lots of keys for the padlock, except that not one worked. Went to the office and signed a form saying that they were cutting the Padlock at my request. There is a quite a lot of space available so that's good.

Then the supermarket. Much of what I wanted they didn't have and what they had was at inflated prices. At least in my opinion. By the time I'd finished my shopping I was disgruntled. That got worse when I stopped to get petrol on the way home. Time for an electric car that I can charge at home.

All of this served the purpose of preventing me from sitting down and filling out the forms for my 2022 CPD record. My afternoon walk was just as successful. The photos I got of a kereru and then a tui were substandard. So I am pleased that when walking in the backyard after my road walk I found two cones at the foot of the young Kauri tree. 

The dark one looks like it and the seeds are breaking down. The green one looked just slightly cracked. But when I picked it up it began to collapse as did the brown one. I would guess that the green seeds may be more viable. I shall put them in a pot tomorrow to see if they sprout. 

If they do, then What?

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