By TheOttawacker

Father Dougal at the Aviation Museum

Ottawacker Jr.'s current obsession with planes is, I am told, a normal part of development. It's one that passed me by completely (I am a complete mechanophobe, if not technophobe) and I suspect that the genes from Mrs. Ottawacker's side of the family are becoming more dominant. At least some of them.

Ottawacker Jr.'s obsession means time watching Ice Pilots, N.W.T., a seemingly endless series about an airline flying out of Canada's north. It is essentially the same programme 100 times over, but it has inspired Ottawacker Jr. to get out an old atlas of mine, and plan routes that he can then transfer to his xBox Flight Simulator. That's where the fun ends, as he is currently banned from xBox... So the routes pile up.

In the meantime, a Sunday morning trip to the Aviation Museum was undertaken. Here he was almost able to re-enact another of his "Favourite Scenes of All Time": "Flight into Terror" from Father Ted. (Series 2, Episode 10). Thankfully, he couldn't see the sign about the ejector button on the side of the plane.

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